Bird Tales

Found this exceptional little book at an antique store today while strolling the streets of a quaint downtown area.

It was just setting on a shelf waiting for me to find it. Always makes my day when I find something so cool as this and relating to birds. It’s old and dusty but in pretty good condition otherwise.

I’m very happy with my treasure find today while others were stocking up on Black Friday sales. Can’t wait to read it!!

Happy Birdwatching, my friends.

Waking Up

Early one morning while I was getting my coffee, I could hear the little wren outside the window starting to chirp while still hiding in the darkness of the morning.
I love the early morning sounds when the birds are first waking up. It’s like they are saying “come join us outside, it’s going to be a wonderful day”.
Some people think you have to go out in the woods to enjoy nature, but truly all you have to do is have a bird friendly backyard and nature will come to you. Simply supply fresh food and water daily along with birdhouses for nesting and shelter, then sit back and enjoy your very own bird sanctuary.