Sitting on the backyard patio, with a gentle December breeze waking the chimes for one small second, the sound was so pleasing to my ears.

At that very moment, hearing the beautiful perfect pitch, all the worries of the day were erased from my mind. Even the background noise of traffic and an overly loud car radio passing by did not take away the pleasure of the wind chimes.

I think the sound of wind chimes mimics the wonderful sounds we hear when we listen closely to nature. The birds chirping their song for all to hear. The squirrels chattering to warn someone is near and the winter leaves rustling on the trees as the branches dance in the breeze. All of these are here for us to enjoy if we put aside a little time for ourselves.

Life and the hustle and bustle of busy schedules will always take front and center if you allow it to. Pencil in “me time” to let yourself enjoy the silence of the day. You might just hear a wind chime softly in the background playing a note for you.

Tuesday Tip

Sometimes from lack of knowledge, inexperience, or just a plain crazy idea, we do things we think is right at the time.

When it comes to thawing a frozen bird bath with boiling water, it may seem like a good idea, but it is NOT.

Pouring extremely hot or boiling water into your frozen bird bath to thaw the ice will result in the bird bath cracking or even shattering.

The sudden change in temperature from the frozen ice to the hot water is dangerous. You could be injured from the hot water or shattering of the bird bath. This will also result in heartbreak since your beloved bird bath is destroyed.

If you are determined to thaw the frozen water in your bird bath, use warm water (not boiling or hot) and pour a very slow stream of water in the thickest part of the ice, just enough to start to melt the ice and make a hole. Continue this method around the frozen ice, until the ice is melting and you are able to break up the ice without using water.

Investing in a bird bath heater is a good idea if you live in an area where you have constant frigid temperatures resulting in your bird bath freezing. This will also save you from “freezing” while trying to thaw water for your backyard birds.

Happy Birdwatching, my friends.

Hey, I’m Under Here!!

This sad little birdhouse was buried under miscellaneous junk on a shelf at a local thrift store.

I just can’t seem to pass up an abandoned birdhouse that others thought was no longer useful.

I think repurposing this little gem will be a great project to do during the cold winter days ahead. I wonder what creativeness will be bestowed upon it??

Tuesday Tip

Suet cake blocks are great feeding options for the cold winter months.

Suet is made from solidified fat and is a high energy food for birds

It comes in a variety of flavors for the birds and is easy to put in the suet feeders and hang on a tree branch or post.

Happy Birdwatching, my friends.