‘‘Tis the Season

It is time to put away the Thanksgiving decorations…

And drag out the many boxes of Christmas decorations.

Let the Christmas Holiday begin!!

I went to a Christmas Tree Lighting in a nearby small town over the weekend. I had never been to a city sponsored Christmas Tree Lighting and found it full of activities, with brightly colored lights streaming along the walkways and tightly wrapped tree branches.

A children’s choir was happily singing all the old favorite Christmas carols as parents gleefully took pictures. Santa was busy with youngsters and photos with the giant Christmas bulbs while teens sold hot chocolate.

It was a beautiful canvas of darkness and twinkling lights. As I walked around each of the trees, I noticed the stillness and silence of the otherwise noisy nighttime birds. I wondered what the birds thought of all this commotion and bright lights in and around their favorite roosting area.

Sometimes we get so caught up in pleasing our own eye, we forget how it may affect others. It gave me the idea to be more mindful when decorating my trees and bushes this season by adding a few holiday treats for my birds along with my Christmas decorations.

I plan to add slices of apples, oranges and perhaps a few berries on a string and hang from the hedges and tree limbs for the birds to enjoy while they have to endure the multicolored twinkling lights and blown-up Santa and Snowman of the neighborhood.

Remembering to think of the birds around your neighborhood during this holiday season by feeding extra treats will fill your heart with gladness and bring a sense of calm to the disruption of the darkness for our beautiful feathered friends.

Happy Birdwatching, my friends.

Catch A Glimpse

The Chickadee is one of my favorite backyard songbirds to watch at the feeders.

They make such a sweet, little chirping, whistled song and the markings of color on their feathers are so beautiful with the little black capped head, setting them apart from other birds.

The Chickadees are small little birds and quickly fly down to the feeder, grabbing only one seed at a time. They then flutter up to the tree limb above to eat the seed. They have tiny short beaks and need the help of their feet to crack open the seed shells.

They also eat a variety of foods and enjoy black oil sunflower seeds, hulled sunflower seeds, shelled peanuts and peanut butter suet.

Chickadees are cavity nesting birds and will make their home in a birdhouse you provide. A thin scattering of sawdust or wood chip shavings in the bottom of the birdhouse encourages them to nest inside.

I have had the pleasure of nesting Chickadees in my yard each spring and feeding at my feeders regularly.

I hope you too are blessed with the presence of these beautiful little birds in your backyard.

Happy Birdwatching, my friends.

Waking Up

Early one morning while I was getting my coffee, I could hear the little wren outside the window starting to chirp while still hiding in the darkness of the morning.
I love the early morning sounds when the birds are first waking up. It’s like they are saying “come join us outside, it’s going to be a wonderful day”.
Some people think you have to go out in the woods to enjoy nature, but truly all you have to do is have a bird friendly backyard and nature will come to you. Simply supply fresh food and water daily along with birdhouses for nesting and shelter, then sit back and enjoy your very own bird sanctuary.