Hands Free Photography

A great addition to your backyard birdwatching is a Birdcam. I have the Wingscapes Birdcam Pro, Model WCB-00119.

It comes with great instructions for general use and set up with mounting accessories.

I have used the Birdcam Pro both mounted to a tree,

And just on the ground.

The results have been very good with the many focusing capabilities this model has.

It uses a motion sensor to capture the image on a SD card, which is also a convenient way to view the pictures taken.

The case enclosing the camera is weatherproof and the battery life is sufficient, resulting in a low maintenance outdoor camera.

It takes 8 AA batteries to operate the camera and the battery compartment is easily removed from the camera using the eject button when it is time to change the batteries.

I leave mine focused on my backyard bird feeder area both day and night. There is always an element of surprise when viewing the images captured with your Birdcam Pro. I have captured great photos of my backyard friends and even some unexpected wildlife I didn’t know was coming around (a fox).

Since the Birdcam is motion activated, it can also be used as a security camera as well.

I have been extremely pleased with my purchase and love the idea that I can get images of birds in my backyard doing what they do naturally without me being nearby.

Make yourself happy and enhance your birdwatching by adding a Birdcam to your yard. You will be glad you did.

Happy Birdwatching, my friends.

Tucked Away Till Spring

I have had these three little birdhouse flower pots for several years. They are my favorite pots for summer time annuals.

I only use them outside on my patio and plant a variety of annuals throughout spring and summer. In the fall, I remove the old potting soil and bring the pots inside.

I never leave my ceramic pots outside during fall and winter months due to the fluctuations in temperature which could cause the pots to crack.

I wash them out with warm soapy water to clean the residue of the past planting and store them away until next spring.

I cherish these cute little birdhouse pots and look forward to using them year after year.

Hey, I’m Under Here!!

This sad little birdhouse was buried under miscellaneous junk on a shelf at a local thrift store.

I just can’t seem to pass up an abandoned birdhouse that others thought was no longer useful.

I think repurposing this little gem will be a great project to do during the cold winter days ahead. I wonder what creativeness will be bestowed upon it??

Tuesday Tip

Suet cake blocks are great feeding options for the cold winter months.

Suet is made from solidified fat and is a high energy food for birds

It comes in a variety of flavors for the birds and is easy to put in the suet feeders and hang on a tree branch or post.

Happy Birdwatching, my friends.

BURR…A Chill In The Air

It has been cold and rainy the last couple of days here in Texas. Somehow these little blooms keep hanging on.

We are all snuggled inside our warm homes wondering if this is the beginning of a long winter season.

I can’t help but think of my backyard birds who quickly come to grab a snack and then fly off to escape the pouring rain.

Do you wonder where birds go during inclement weather? To a hidden nest among the tree branches or into the bushy shrubs, into a pile of wood stacked high against the fence, or even underneath the flaps of the patio tent for protection and warmth. We all hope they are snuggled inside the nesting boxes and birdhouses we have left up for the unpredictable weather.

I care so much about my backyard friends, that I wish I could give each one a nice warm “birdie blanket” to snuggle up to. Of course, I know that is not a practical idea — only a crazy bird loving old lady would want to make “birdie blankets”!!

But what I can do and you too as well, is put warm water in the bird baths, or install a small birdbath heater to keep the water from freezing. Also, cover the feeders with a domed weather guard to keep the seeds and birds dry and fill the feeders with a high fat oil content seed to provide energy.

So when you are hearing the weather forecast for a dip in temperatures and you scurry to cover up your favorite flowers, don’t forget to “winterize” your bird feeders as well.

Stay warm, my friends, and happy birdwatching.

Thru The Eyes Of A Child

This is my all time favorite birdhouse photo of all the ones in my collection.

This masterpiece was built with tiny hands and an artful mind by my granddaughter many years ago.

I gave her a small hammer, a few nails, glue, paint, and my craft drawer items. With just a little help nailing and gluing, she created the “Pink Birdhouse “ for me.

The detail is wonderfully crafted and it is definitely one of a kind.

A beautiful gift made one special day for this birdhouse loving grandmother.