BURR…A Chill In The Air

It has been cold and rainy the last couple of days here in Texas. Somehow these little blooms keep hanging on.

We are all snuggled inside our warm homes wondering if this is the beginning of a long winter season.

I can’t help but think of my backyard birds who quickly come to grab a snack and then fly off to escape the pouring rain.

Do you wonder where birds go during inclement weather? To a hidden nest among the tree branches or into the bushy shrubs, into a pile of wood stacked high against the fence, or even underneath the flaps of the patio tent for protection and warmth. We all hope they are snuggled inside the nesting boxes and birdhouses we have left up for the unpredictable weather.

I care so much about my backyard friends, that I wish I could give each one a nice warm “birdie blanket” to snuggle up to. Of course, I know that is not a practical idea — only a crazy bird loving old lady would want to make “birdie blankets”!!

But what I can do and you too as well, is put warm water in the bird baths, or install a small birdbath heater to keep the water from freezing. Also, cover the feeders with a domed weather guard to keep the seeds and birds dry and fill the feeders with a high fat oil content seed to provide energy.

So when you are hearing the weather forecast for a dip in temperatures and you scurry to cover up your favorite flowers, don’t forget to “winterize” your bird feeders as well.

Stay warm, my friends, and happy birdwatching.

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