Backyard Friend or Foe

Squirrels, you either love them or hate them!

Personally, I enjoy them in my backyard. Unlike my neighbor, who waves a very large folded umbrella wildly thru the air to shoo them away when the squirrels sit on the fence.

Squirrel antics are fun to watch. Whether it’s filling their cheeks full of nuts or going to great lengths to reach the feeders, by stretching their bodies into a long slender line while hanging upside down.

They have soft silky fur with bushy tails and large eyes. There are many types of squirrels with a variety of colored fur.

I know they can be mischievous and even destructive if they get inside your attic or they decide your patio cushions will make great bedding for their nest.

Taking some precautionary measures to keep squirrels at bay will allow you to still enjoy them as your backyard entertainment. And please, don’t chase them away waving an umbrella, your neighbor may just be trying to get the perfect photo.

Happy Birdwatching, my friends, and Squirrel Watching too.

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