Tube Feeders-What Works For Me

This metal tube feeder is sturdy and functional. The top flips open for easy filling and stays in place once you hang it up. The larger port holes are a good size for easy access to the feed but do not allow the feed to fall out of the holes.

There are no perches on this design but the feeding port holes allow the smaller birds to cling onto the feeder while eating. This also keeps the larger birds from trying to land on the feeder since there are no extended perches.

I have tried several types of tube feeders and enjoy this one very much for my backyard friends. I use two of these feeders, one filled with peanut suet nuggets and the other with shelled peanuts. If you use smaller seeds when feeding the birds, you will want to use a different feeder than this one since it is made primarily for peanuts and suet nuggets.

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