My Thing.

Birdhouses are “my thing” as you may know by now. I search them out everywhere I go , taking photos along the way. They speak to me in ways I don’t understand but am drawn to for the beauty and mystery of what they offered our feathered friends.

When I see a birdhouse high on a pole, standing proud in its surroundings, I try to picture the birds that called it home and how lucky they were that someone saw the beauty and necessity in providing a safe haven for birds to raise a family.

It doesn’t take much to provide birdhouses for birds in your area. The houses can either be new or old, cute and playful or somewhat industrial in appearance as long as they are sturdy, functional and can withstand the weather Mother Nature surprises us with daily.

When looking to buy a birdhouse, you will find there are so many different types to choose from. However, many styles are more for decorative purposes rather than functional use. The size of the entrance hole is important to attract birds but keep predators at bay. The inside dimensions along with ventilation and drainage holes are also important factors to remember. A clean out door is also beneficial to keeping the birdhouse useable since bees and wasp also find birdhouses a desirable place to live. Be mindful of these things when purchasing or building your own birdhouse as many times the decorative style houses will not meet the requirements for occupancy by your backyard friends.