Keep Those Feeders Clean!!

In a lot of areas, the hummingbirds are still very active. Be sure to keep your feeders clean and free of mold. I change out my hummingbird food and wash out the feeders every two days because this warm south Texas weather causes the mold to form pretty quickly.

I use hot water, a bottle brush, and a pipe cleaner to scrub away the tiny particles of mold. Take the feeding ports apart and the pipe cleaner works well inserted into the ports of the feeder. The bottle brush is a handy tool to have to clean the tube of the feeder which allows reaching areas you may miss otherwise.

I refill my feeders with sugar water I make. I do not use the store bought or red colored hummingbird feed. My recipe is 1 cup of water to 1/4 cup of white granulated sugar. Mix together in a sauce pan over medium heat and bring to a boil. Allow mixture to cool completely before pouring into feeders. I have several feeders I change out at one time, so I make 4 cups at once which allows for plenty of clean food for the hummingbirds.

The beautiful little hummingbirds will grace you with their presence regularly since they are counting on us to keep their fuel available for their long migration when they depart.

Mold inside feeder.
Cleaning with bottle brush.
Pipe cleaner technique.
Cleaning the ports.
A thank you for caring!

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