If you love feeding the birds, you know the joy it brings to fill your feeders and watch all the activity. A thank you from the chickadee while swooping down for one seed and then fluttering high up on the branch to eat, the little wren hopping from feeder to feeder searching for the perfect seed, a caw from the blue jay telling all his friends the seeds are out, the cardinal clicking away with their famous sound before deciding it is safe to land on the feeder, and you cant help but smile at the mourning doves crowding their way onto the platform feeder pecking away at the feast. All of this brings happiness to my heart, a peacefulness to my soul and a thankfulness for the beauty God has created. I started this website and blog to share my love for birds and the enjoyment it brings to my life. I hope from time to time my post will fill your day with happiness and let you enjoy the moment as a distraction from our otherwise crazy world. Happy birdwatching my friend, May you too find birdseed in your shoe.

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